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A Photographer, A Painter, That's My Journey

My journey as a photographer has been a lot of hits and misses.  Learning about who I am as a photographer has been quite the challenge. For a long time I've been photographing anything that catches my eye, but nothing seem to strike a chord with me.....except my love of flowers and gardening.  It's taken me a long time to figure that out, but when I truly thought about it and all the different subjects I liked photographing in my gardens it just made sense.   Everything just started to click (no pun intended).  Along with photographing my gardens, I also enjoy creating abstract work with my photographs.  Using just a sliver of my photograph to create my kaleidoscopes is one way that I create abstract photographs.
I've also recently discovered painting.  Though creativity runs deep in my family,  I unfortunately or fortunately am a very visual person which allows me to be quite creative with my camera, but I've always wanted to draw but could never make the brain to hand connection, until I discovered Acrylic Fluid Painting.  It's relatively new process in which getting the right paint to pouring medium to water ratio and letting the colors flow allowing my creativity to be endless. 
My journey as a photographer and painter is just that a journey which will always be evolving.
In my shop you will find my collection of photography and paintings as well as other products such as throw blankets, pillows, coffee mugs and more all of which have my original photography and paintings on them.
When I'm not be creative with my photography and paintings I like to spend time with my 2 dogs and 2 cats.

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