One day I was working on the computer and I had a glass of cranberry juice on the desk.  The juice was in a ribbed glass and when the sun beamed through it, it created a beautiful red reflection on the white metal table.  

This gave me an idea. I took a few more of these ribbed glasses from my cabinet and brought them to my office and set them up on the white metal table and filled each one with colored water.  All of a sudden I had a rainbow of colors.  As I looked through my viewfinder I saw a whole new concept to photograph!

I started experimenting with different color combinations, then different clear glass patterns.  The patterns and shapes I was developing was amazing and all I used was just simple household items.    Then I discovered oil and water.....that was an whole other venue to explore....taking oil pouring it on a white glass plate and dotting it with food coloring which is how I created 29 Red.  

I was having such a blast trying all these new ideas....I even took toothpicks and dragged them through the colored dots....and then there was paint.....WOW!  

I was having so much fun!  I spent hours and days playing around with paint, water, oil and glass patterns.  I used natural sunlight for lighting, which for me was the best.  The end results were bright and bold and loaded with patterns!

Check out all the other color reflections I created.

Next time we'll see what's blooming.