A few years back while visiting in Florida we decided to head to the Everglades to do some photographing.  On our way there we stopped at the Anhinga Trail which is located in Homestead, Florida.  

This little trail less than a mile long with loads of birds to see and of course alligators too.

It was a beautiful sunny day in March and the temps were in the 70's.  We were there early to try to avoid as much of the crowds as we could.  

As we moseyed along the trail photographing Great Blue Herons, Green Herons, Anhingas, Purple Gallinules and Alligators to name a few.  It was amazing seeing all these fantastic birds and the alligators were pretty awesome too!  Some alligators were quite large while others were small.  Not very good at determining length so we'll just leave it at large and small alligators.

After several hours and the crowds were moving in, so we decided to head out.  When we got to our truck we notice about half dozen or more of these Black Vultures hanging out on this other truck.  Couldn't quite figure out why there were so many of them on this one truck.

One of the locals heard us talking and started telling us how these Black Vultures are attracted to rubber and vinyl.  The truck did have some sort of tarp covering and of course rubber tires.  The local continued to tell us that people cover their tires to protect them from these birds beacuse they will peck at them and destroy them.  That was the oddest thing I ever heard.  I asked why, the local said they didn't know why.  I bet it could get pretty costly for the vehicle owner who doesn't cover their tires.  I guess we got pretty lucky.

I have since tried to do further research why and couldn't find an answer.

It was quite an amazing day of photographing as well as educational.

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See you next time when I tell you about sleeping GIANTS!