It was June and my sister and my nieces where visiting from Arizona.  We were heading north to Greenville, Maine to see if we could find some moose.  Usually you can see moose walking about in that area near the road and further north.  You really have to drive cautiously and keep your eyes open, cause you just never know when one will walk right out in front of you.  And the damage they can cause to themselves and you or your car can be extensive.

As we were starting our journey north on route 7, barely fives minutes driving when my sister yells out STOP!  Did you see that!  That was a mother deer and 2 fawns.  I asked if she wanted me to turn around and go back.  Of course she said yes.  So we turned ourselves around and stopped across the street from where the doe and her twin fawns were standing.  

I immediately pulled out my camera and clicked 5 frames and the fawns went in different directions and the doe followed one of them.

My nieces were concerned that since the fawns split up that the one fawn wouldn't find it's mother.  I assured them that they would find each and everything would be fine.

The fun thing about this is one is I got one great photograph and the second was that my nieces that were with me are twins too.

We finished our journey north and did see some moose.  Unfortunately I didn't get very good photographs.  But for my sister and her twins it was a successful trip!  They don't see many deer and moose in Phoenix, Arizona.

Next time we'll see who the handsome one is......    

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