Did you ever look into the water? I mean really look at the water, not what's under the water, but what's on it.

A few years back I was in beautiful Belfast, Maine enjoying my fried clams by the water.  After lunch I went out to the water with camera in hand looking for birds, seal and boats to photograph, but I saw something different this time something I hadn't seen before or least never looked for it before.  Wonderful colors of reflections on the water's surface from the sky and the boats.  Brilliant reds, blues, yellows and silver. Depending on the boats that were docked there at the harbor that day would depend on the colors I would see.

This photograph is of the harbor master's boat that was docked near by.  I love the ripples of the water, the beautiful blue and silver that to me looks like "Liquid Silver."

As a photographer we are trained to look at our environment differently than others, using light to create beautiful photographs.  But on this day I was using the light the midday sun provided to create these wonderful water reflections.  The bright sun works best for the brightest colors. 

So the next time your by any body of water even a puddle look into it and what do you see?

Next time I'll talk about and there she was.

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