Did you ever hear that saying "let sleeping giants lie?"

Well that was the case here.  While visiting in Florida we stop at a place called Shark Valley which was part of the Everglades National Park.  

First let me start off by saying that there were lots of alligators all around.  There is a paved walk/bike path and right there is the water line with all the alligators.  Some very large like this guy and some small.  

I remember it was midday and the gators were soaking in the sun.  They were by no means interested in me.  At least that's what I wanted to believe.  I got as close as I dared with my 300mm lens.  Click a couple of frames and backed away.  He did freak me out when he opened his eyes.  As if to say, come a little closer my friend...... ah no thank you.  I know he might be sleeping but I also know he can move quite quickly when need be.  

There were so many people, I just can't believe there weren't more incidents.

Shark Valley got it's name because the estuaries near by which are brackish water provide wonderful feeding and nursing habitats for sharks such as the lemon, blacktip, and bull sharks.

The next you visit a location where there are alligators remember "Let Sleeping Giants Lie" and they do have the right of way!

Next time I'll tell you about the liquid silver I found.

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