The one thing you don't want to do is make a brown squirrel angry!

I remember heading to the corn field across the street from my home to see what interesting photographs I could get.  

I heard some rustling in the grass and saw 2 brown squirrels chasing each other.  I stood quietly and waited to see where they would end up.  One of them finally climbed on the tree and sat nicely on the branch.  I positioned myself and starting clicking away and all the while he/she was yelling at me!  All of a sudden I heard the rustling in the grass again and this time it sounded like it was coming towards me!  I looked down and the other brown squirrel was coming at me!  Yikes!!!  He too was yelling at me and he was about 5-6 feet from me.  So I said okay, okay I'm leaving!  You two can go back to what you were doing!  Geez I just wanted a picture!

I will say you don't want to mess with these brown squirrels, though they are cute they're also mean!  Unlike their gray cousins.

See you next time!