Every spring I wait to hear these beautiful little birds with their brilliant iridescent like blue feathers and bright white chest feathers.  Chatty little birds they are with flight skills to match their beauty which are quite an amazing sight to see.

I have 3 birdhouse which attract the tree swallows as well as the bluebirds.  The bluebirds come a little bit later, and when they do a lot of action takes place until everyone has claimed their homes for the season.

Our tree swallow here sat perched handsomely on the trellis as I slowly step by step clicking the shutter with every step until I filled the frame.  He was very patient with me, which I appreciated.   Although he did chirp out some warnings.  Let me tell you the tree swallows have no problem dive bombing you! Every time I mow the lawn I have to mow around the birdhouse they nest in and I fear of being attack.  It's never happen thank god!

Over the past several years I've been using a lot of painted textures for my photographs.  Sometimes I come across a photograph I really like, but the background stinks!  And this photograph was no exception.  My property is surrounded by the woods and everytime I photograph the birds I always have those trees in the photograph and it's really distracting from the beauty of the bird.  So this is where the textures come into play.  It will take me sometimes hours or all day just to get one photograph done.  Making sure I'm matching the right texture(s) with the photograph.  It's a process but the end results are well worth the wait.

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