Every morning I gather up my camera and monopod and venture out to my gardens to see what's in bloom and what critters I can find.  The morning is the best time to photograph insects and dragonflies because they haven't quite yet warmed up with the morning sun yet.

Searching for something new and different, perhaps a dew covered spider web, or maybe a dragonfly I haven't seen before or maybe that bird I hear all the time and now I see him.  I just never know what I will see.  Some good and some not so good....like the snakes, although here in Maine they are not poisonous.  I'll see either a garter snake or brown snake, just two snakes with attitude.  But it's not long before I'm found by the mosquito and horseflies.....I always were a long sleeve shirt and pants for that reason alone.

I kept moving looking through the gardens and the meadow then I find this little beetle also known as a Tiger Solider Beetle.  He was resting quite nicely on a beautiful orange azalea.  The tiger soldier beetle was looking quite handsome with the sun glistening off his orange iridescent body and look at those cute little feet!  Who would think beetles have cute feet!   I got my camera and got in nice and close with my 100mm macro (love this lens) and started clicking away.  Then a thought occurred to me, what if he's dead.  That wouldn't be good and I couldn't photograph a dead beetle, that's just not right.  So I gently blew on him to see if he would move some and thank goodness he did.  That's before I knew about insects being slower in the early morning because they haven't warmed up by the suns rays yet.  Let me tell ya, it doesn't take long for the to warm up.

What I love about my backyard is you never know what you will see.  Take some time and look closely at the flowers in your garden.  You may just be surprised at what you see.

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See you next time!